Is Tweetsie Railroad Worth the Cost?

The number one question I continue to see in regards to Tweetsie Railroad and visiting the High Country with kids, “Is Tweetsie worth it?”. I recently visited, June 2022, with an 8 and 2.5 year old, here’s my honest review of Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

*Tweetsie Railroad is a wild west themed amusement park in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

The short answer: Yes! I think Tweetsie is worth the cost if you visit with younger kids, spend the whole day, and enjoy the shows.

The top things to consider when deciding if a trip to Tweetsie is worth it for your family…

-Tweetsie is best for kids 10 years old and under

You can find a list of height requirements per ride HERE (there are quite a few rides the under 5 years old crowd can do)

-Not an activity I would do EVERY time we visit the Blowing Rock area, maybe every couple years

-If you’re only visiting the area for a weekend trip I wouldn’t choose Tweetsie as an activity, I would prioritize Grandfather Mountain and other adventure activities over a trip to Tweetsie (100% my opinion, others may strongly disagree)

-To really get your money’s worth you need to spend more than half a day, sit and watch the shows, visit the Deer Park Zoo, ride ALL the rides, and ride the train (Tweetsie recommends 5-6 hours to enjoy the whole park and I agree)

*You can leave for nap time and re-enter*

-2 and under are free, we visited right before my 2 year old turned 3 so only having to pay for one kid helped make the cost seem more “worth it”

Tips for visiting Tweetsie Railroad with Kids:

-You ARE allowed to bring in your own food and coolers (this is a great way to save money and time)

-Strollers are available for rent but guests are encouraged to bring their own as the stroller rental supply is limited

-There’s not a ton of walking but there are hills so a stroller for younger kids is a good idea

-Ghost Train tickets go on sale in August and Tweetsie Christmas tickets go on sale in early September

-If you’re visiting on a hot day The Tweetsie Palace has live shows, air conditioning, and plenty of tables

-Paying for animal feed in the Deer Park is worth the extra couple dollars

If you have any other questions about visiting Tweetsie with kids feel free to DM me on Instagram – @trianglefamiliesexplore

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